Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peaches Products

so i haven't updated my blog in ages and ages, mostly because i pretty much forgot about it. but having just done an etsy giveaway, i now have actual people following and reading :) not too much to post for now, this weekend starts off my fall season with not one, but TWO great shows.

Saturday August 21st, Wedgestock. Big time street party on South Ave, lots of band and local artists and crafters! Click HERE for full details!

Sunday August 22nd, Braddock Bay Raptor Research present Red-Tail Days. Come and enjoy a day of family events to celebrate the local movement of our juvenile Red-Tail Hawks. Events include a presentation from the Seneca Zoo, live animal demonstrations, and a selection of nature-themed craft vendors. visit for full event schedule and details.

I have about 10 shows lined up so far, so i'll try to remember to update this prior to all my upcoming shows. I've also started a Facebook page for Peaches Products, so you can become a fan of me there too if you're so inclined.

That's all the fuzz that's floating around right now, check back soon to see if i remember i have a blog!

OOOH, idea! If you come to any of my shows and tell me you heard about the show on either my blog, facebook, or etsy page, i'll give you discount on your purchase, based on my mood for that day. :)

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