Thursday, December 9, 2010

snow, shows, and mo'!

so i'll just get it out of the way-i hate the snow. i hate the cold, i hate driving in it, i hate walking in it, i just hate the snow.

now that i've got that out of my system...
i'm churning out new peaches products daily, felting til my fingers bleed, making stuffers and hair clips and bracelets. i'll be starting to post those items in my etsy shop after the craziness of the holidays dies down, but for now the only place to get bracelets and hair clips, and photography at my live shows. it seems counterintuitive to start posting new stuff after christmas, but i'm just juggling too many projects right now to have time to photograph and post dozens of bracelets and hair clips AND keep my most popular guys in stock.

show season is winding down, just the east rochester show this week, and then the big one in utica the weekend after. my first out of town show! i'm excited and nervous, and very glad that i'll be sharing the experience with Amanda (

if i don't find time again before christmas, i hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

R&R? Sort of...

so now that the madness of Mayday! has died down, i have time to relax... wait, no, not really. i still have 4 shows left this season. this sunday at braddock bay's holiday for hawks event, then the 20th at fairport minerva-deland school. then december 11th at the east rochester high school, then last but definitely not least, the esteemed Indie Garage Sale (IGS) in Utica, which spans 2 days and loads of vendors. personal fave beadworkbyamanda will be there too :) also, somewhere in there i may try to fit in a felting class at the utopia on west henrietta road. for anyone who doesn't know. it's THE place for scrapbooking and stamping, she's got tons of stuff that the big chains don't carry, and good prices. so i'm a busy peach. and of course it's officially the holiday season, so it's time to shop and try to update my etsy more regularly and all that jazz. so with all that on the horizon, doesn't my body just decide to get sick? i mean, really, who does that? had to come home early from work yesterday and didn't go at all today, just all stuffed up and crappy, and i seem to have gotten erik sick too.... but we must trudge on! so come down to one of my shows, say hi, and hopefully i'll be better soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to Mayday!

salt city was AWESOME, thanks to everyone who came out! next up is the second Mayday! Underground show, at the Village Gate. Come out early on November 6th, because the first 50 people into Mayday get a fabulous FREE swag bag, filled with goodies from our vendors. We've got around 50 vendors lined up for this round, you can get all the juicy details at See you there!

Monday, October 18, 2010


so i went to the Dutchess county fiber arts festival in rhinebeck this weekend, and it was awesome! i got so much new stuff, in all new colors of blends, i'm so excited and inspired! it was a great event, i'll be posting more pics later on, but here's a quick view of my haul :)

i took it on my cell phone, it's WAY more vibrant than it looks here, but as you can see i went a bit nuts!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


No posts in response to my challenge, eh? well someone better get suggesting, or i'll, well i don't know what but probably not anything threatening or effective. here's the challenge AGAIN.

suggest a needle felter for me to make that i haven't made before, and if i pick your idea, you'll get a $5 gift certificate towards any peaches products purchase AND a free bonus gift, which i haven't decided on yet. i might pick more than one, you never know.

get suggesting! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

thoughts and the peaches challenge!

so craft show season is off to a great start, and although i'm doing fewer shows this year, the ones i am scheduled for are bigger and better! i'm cranking new stuff out daily (with help from my kitty cosmo, at left) and you should definitely stop by one of the events and check out my new critters. during show season, i tend to slack on updating my etsy store, because i go through felters so quickly, and i hate having to post them and then delete them. BUT after this weekend i don't have anything for a month, so keep an eye out for new stuff. here's all the shows i'm currently in:

Sunday sept 26th, hearts+crafts at java's on gibbs st 10-5

Salt city craft market (in syracuse) october 23

Mayday! Underground Luau November 6th at the village gate

Fairport High School November 20th

East Rochester High School December 11th

lastly, the challenge. post a comment with a suggestion for a new needle felter that i've never made before. whoever's idea i decide to use gets $5 off their next peaches products purchase, plus a bonus gift that i haven't decided on yet! good luck!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

what's new?

well, lots of stuff! planning for the november edition of Mayday! is well underway (see for more info), it's getting to be show season and i've got about 8 shows coming up so you can see me out and about in town. and of course i'm always coming up with new ways to share the peachy style, new products on the way include stuffed animal quails, and both painted and felted wall hangings. also of note, i submitted an entry to the international felting contest, more to come on that later :)

my next shows are september 18th at the ucc church on klem road in webster, and september 19th at artist's row at the public matket, in the meantime time i'll be working my fuzz off to get lots of stuff in stock....

have a peachy day!