Wednesday, November 10, 2010

R&R? Sort of...

so now that the madness of Mayday! has died down, i have time to relax... wait, no, not really. i still have 4 shows left this season. this sunday at braddock bay's holiday for hawks event, then the 20th at fairport minerva-deland school. then december 11th at the east rochester high school, then last but definitely not least, the esteemed Indie Garage Sale (IGS) in Utica, which spans 2 days and loads of vendors. personal fave beadworkbyamanda will be there too :) also, somewhere in there i may try to fit in a felting class at the utopia on west henrietta road. for anyone who doesn't know. it's THE place for scrapbooking and stamping, she's got tons of stuff that the big chains don't carry, and good prices. so i'm a busy peach. and of course it's officially the holiday season, so it's time to shop and try to update my etsy more regularly and all that jazz. so with all that on the horizon, doesn't my body just decide to get sick? i mean, really, who does that? had to come home early from work yesterday and didn't go at all today, just all stuffed up and crappy, and i seem to have gotten erik sick too.... but we must trudge on! so come down to one of my shows, say hi, and hopefully i'll be better soon.

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